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Fermi’s Paradox is the apparent contradiction between the high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of contact with such civilizations.

Fermi’s Paradox, or just the Fermi Paradox, is named after Enrico Fermi. Enrico Fermi is an Italian physicist who created the world’s first nuclear reactor.

Fermi was born on September 29, 1901 and passed away on November 28, 1954.

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They are all traveling into the future

Nov 01, 2019 by Scott

All civilized life forms in the universe eventually determine how to accelerate to 75% the speed of light, and disappear into the future by Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Nov 01, 2019 by Raghubir Singh Thakur

If Aliens are communicating with early (first) life on earth naturally formed of kind of natures biology/ risen accidentally billions of years ago before the humans came to be (bi-pads) the result of evolution process they (the aliens)are yet to reach the stage of human form or say human like community. The recently reported early life from South Sikkim and dated to be of One billion years old are still found to be millions in a tiny area. In addition the aliens being (as is expected by few) so tiny are yet to reach the stage of human like community in the galaxies but certainly advanced to travel on UFOs, if acceptable. In that case UFOs are more like drones and space-shuttles put together as one instrument. As yet no human like form in other planets has come to light that creates world view - why we haven't found any of them in our galaxy?

Wrong Dimension

Oct 07, 2019 by Ronald Patrick Marriott

We’re literally living in a matter dimension and can detect spacetime (LIGO) but can’t go through the vail. An entire universe of light exists that is full of life. A prime example of this alternate universe is our Van Allen Belt. Another is the plasma tubes surrounding the planet that contain matter seen when atmospheric sprites are created. Everyone left Nikola Tesla for Einstein who was proven wrong 100 years ago. The confusion will continue until the mistake is corrected.
Antihydrogen fusion converting anti helium to light creates atmospheric sprites.

Smarter than us

Jul 30, 2019 by Lothar Bongartz

Another option: Aliens may communicate with intelligent life on earth - just not with humans. The billions of years on earth before humans arrived were enough for intelligent lifeforms to develop. They are hiding from us, and sometimes we see their drones as UFOs.

We should be very afraid

Jun 24, 2019 by Greg Nepstad

I believe that finding the answer should be humanity’s top priority. That’s because there is obviously something, common to ALL planets, that makes the emergence and survival of life like us so very rare. Asteroid strikes? Planetary core solidification and loss of magnetic field (a la Mars)? Pandemic? Something is snuffing out complicated life forms everywhere. We are a fluke living on borrowed time.

They run on machine time and don't last long enough

Mar 29, 2019 by Daniel Crevier

It has been suggested that civilisations based on biological life eventually migrate into intelligent computing hardware. Since hardware runs much faster than wetware, a few of our centuries would appear as millions of years to such civilisations. They may therefore run their course in a very short amount of objective time, drastically shortening the L parameter in Drake’s equation. This would make these civilisations almost impossible to detect, even if their appearance is relatively common. I have written a paper that examines this possibility in some detail. A pre publication draft of it is available on Research Gate at www.researchgate.net/publication/331261382.

Thoughts of a Engineer

Jan 03, 2019 by Steve Twiselton

I think it is possible for life in another place because of the vastness of space. We don't know where space ends. It is impossible to think we are all there is when you look a the heavens. I am a Christian and can't believe that God would just pick earth. The other worlds are so far away we will never know for sure.

Fermi's paradox solution

Dec 16, 2018 by Paul Merriam

"Where are they?" Here is the answer. The time between the first detection of astronomical radio waves in 1932 and the technological singularity in 2045 is only 113 years. Each civilization capable of detecting astronomical radio waves will have a singularity. After a singularity a civilization would not bother to send out signals because it would be like communicating to dumb creatures and it would be a loss of energy (as carried away by photons). 113 years is nothing on galactic or cosmic time scales. The window of time for seeing alien life that is approximately at our stage of technological development is thus way too short. We should expect to not see them and vice versa.

4.6 5.0 8 8 All civilized life forms in the universe eventually determine how to accelerate to 75% the speed of light, and disappear into the future by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Fermis Paradox

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